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November 20, 2009


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Your videos are so cute. I wish I could make videos like that. What programs did you use / which books should I read to create my own animation? Thank you Ariana.


Thanks for the compliment, Andi! I draw everything in Adobe Illustrator CS3, and then import the Illustrator files into Flash to animate. To be honest, my Flash skills are really basic so I just set everything up on the Flash timeline and animate it in the most basic way possible, then turn it over to someone with way more Flash savvy to do the rest of the animating. Most of what I know in Illustrator and Flash is a result of fooling around in the programs, rather than reading. As a result, I probably do everything in a totally backwards way. But the Illustrator WOW books by Sharon Steuer are great resources for Illustrator. Best of luck!

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