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November 07, 2008


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Absolutely brilliant. This is an engaging, artistic balance that effectively conveys these complex topics. From the music and balance of color to the narrator's gentle tone. Seamless. Certainly hope to see more of your work available to educate people of all ages, everywhere.

Ariana Killoran

Wow, thanks so much for the compliment, Joshua! So glad you enjoyed the film. I'll have a few new films trickling onto www.23andme.com/gen101/ page within the next month. Best, Ariana

Kate Fullagar

Dooooood. I just discovered these films! What the ...?!?!?!? How come you didn't put it on facebook and every other venue known to man? They are BRILLIANT! What an amazing cookie you are... K.

Ariana Killoran

Awwww, shucks :) Glad you like 'em! More to come soon. Spoiler alert: humans do survive the ice age.



free movies

Wow these are awesome! don't know what you initially created these movies for but I think they can also be a great learning tool for children and teenagers :) GOOD JOB!


Ariana,just dropped in via a link from my mom. This film is awesome! So great to see your talent being showcased!

Colleen (a friend from a "past" life?)

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